The Mannequin

With the advent of Target Canada closing it's doors, I took advantage of my friend Matt's employee discount to score a deal on a mannequin torso.  After an initial priming in Matt's garage I left the mannequin to dry in his basement bathroom. Other projects got in the way and the Mannequin spent about three weeks airing out until we managed to get it to my studio for painting. (Many thanks to Matt's mother for not throwing the whole thing out with the trash.) 

The weeks the mannequin spent sitting in that basement gave me time to consider how to go about my work. I was afraid the series of paintings I was working on at the time would begin to grow repetitive, and I needed a new challenge. Canvas is easy to find, but getting your hands on a mannequin isn't so simple. And the last thing I needed was to finish this project and not be pleased with it's outcome.  

The actual painting only took a few days. Once I was began working on it everything came together. Though the mannequin is reminiscent of art pieces that came before it, it's unique in it's interpretation. The final piece is unsettling. It's risky. Inappropriate. It's hands appear wrapped in cloth. Bloody. Sinful.  It is completely lacking in symmetry, yet stands perfectly as one piece. 

I hate to do it, but I've left out full-size images of the finished product. I would like the mannequin to be the central piece of an upcoming show.  I have however included some preview shots, and once the mannequin has been revealed you will be able to view it in full here.